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About Us!

We have created Matchmaking live video sessions. If you're feeeling spontaneous! We will matchmake you with usesr who we feel you could be suited with. We know the pain of waiting for matches or not getting seen so we are offering this extra feature for those who may not have the time, like to try out new features/ wanting something more from their app.

How Do You Participate?

Users must already be purchasing one of ur boosters or subscriptions with the minium value of £1.99. At this moment in time the matchmaking extra feature is available on ios. We offer 3 30 seassions for free per booster. Please sign up to our matching list below.


When Will These events happen?

To maintain the quality of the events we will be running an event at least once a month.  ur team need time to match you with others.


How Do I prove I've signed up?

Once you've paid for a booster through our app, you are welcome to join our next online events. You will nee to provide us with your user name and email address so we can credit your account access.

Are these sessions 121?

No, the reason is because users are free to enter different rooms, we want to be able to provide better choices for our users.

How Do the events work?

Users live stream in our chats - this is a personalised experience not random matching.



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